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Daily Life through History
In Daily Life through History, students and researchers discover the everyday details about past eras that make historical accounts relevant and meaningful.

The Daily Life through History Team

Judy Fay, Sr. Director, Solutions
Julie Dunbar, Manager, Editorial Development
Nita Lang, Editorial Specialist
Jennifer Hutchinson, Tamara Johnson, Editors
Ellen Rasmussen, Media Editor

Troy Martin, Vice President, Operations
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Ancient Greece, 2000-30 BCE—Jupiterimages
Ancient Rome, 1000 BCE-500 CE—Corel
The Byzantine Empire and Russia, 300-1500 CE—The Metropolitan Museum of Art / Art Resource, NY
The Islamic World, 600-1500 CE—De Agostini/Getty Images
Africa, 3000 BCE-1500 CE—Emilio Labrador
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A New Millennium, 1991-present—Hugo Maes